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Our mission is to be the best nidhi service providerand provide superior financial solutions byearning member’s trust in the most friendly,professional manner possible.


IMAN NIDHI LIMITED is a Nidhi company registered and recognized under section 406 of the Companies Act, 2013 having its registered office at its registered address is New Delhi, Delhi

It is incorporated with following objectives:

1. To promote savings among its member

2. To lend Loans and receive money for the purpose from its members.

Our Loan process is simple and easy and we provide loan of as high as 80% of the total value of collateral with friendly repayment terms ranging from per day payment to monthly instalments and no charges on ad hoc clearance of loans..

IMAN is incorporated with the sole purpose of helping people achieve a financial stability and to serve them well by fulfilling their petty cash requirements. Now a days most of banks have ceiling limit on minimum balance required to be maintained in Saving bank account and a person has to go through extensive documentation for opening a bank account or obtaining a loan.

We Are the Best Consulting Agency

Finance department well versed with mining skills and has played a major role in policy making of the company. Providing Loan to members, Facilitating the habit of deposit among members is one of the main object of the company. In order to provide loan to members and to provide interest on Deposits a strong policy and an efficient system is required in order to go away with any difficulty likely to come in financial transaction. Mr. Pavan Kumar is sole authority in designing any policy and ensuring timely recovery of the instalments. He brings with himself a team of qualified employees with prominent experience in the like field. Finance is a major backbone of any business. This team explores major areas of business for investment of the fund so that the funds of members are best utilise and appropriate return is given in lieu of there investments.

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